NEWAZUL believes that everyone can benefit from the creative and imaginative aspects of photography. As an important means of self-expression, it can strengthen participants' sense of self and develop confidence and competence creatively and professionally in individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of arts exposure. NEWAZUL created FOCUS+ to commit to lifelong learning through photography and seeks to educate the community about its history and process as well as the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for personal, community expression and carrier development.

FOCUS+ is a community education program, originally developed and implemented at Far Rockaway , NYC in 2004 in collaboration of the Joseph P. Addabbo family health Center, Wellcare Insurance, elected officials & leaders of the community. It has since been taught at schools and community centers in New York, Abu Dhabi & Khatmandu and soon in your city.

FOCUS+' students participating in the program learn the importance of photography in communicating a message, how to use a camera, how to understand the basics of business, and how to communicate their vision through exhibitions and book publication to raise funds for innovative social initiatives.